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By putting your Exchange server(s) into maintenance mode you are allowing the servers to stop processing all incoming mail and drain anything that is still in the pipeline.
Why would you do this? For 2 reasons. Updates (both Windows and CU's) and to redirect all traffic to other Exchange servers in your enviroment.

I personally run maintanance mode because I have 2 Exchange servers in DAG and want to redirect them. Best practice recommendations is to run this as well even with a single Exchange server to prevent any kind of dataloss.

Kiosk mode is usefull if you want a low power power solution to just show a dashboard with a Raspberry Pi for example.
I personally use this with MagicMirror in a Server/Client setup. I just mounted a Raspberry Pi behind a monitor with the basic Raspberry Pi image.

Sometimes when the file share that is hosting the witness gets taken offline the exchange server will report that the File Share Witness has failed and it will not be able to bring it back online and give back the reason "Access is Denied"
You know full well that the share permissions have been set properly, giving the Exchange Trusted Subsystem Full Access to the share and adding the same user to the local Administrator group but it still doesn't work.

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