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If you havn't noticed, this blog is run using Joomla. I always had it installed on a VM but because I needed more Joomla based websites I decided to look into installing Joomla as a Docker container.
Lesson learned, always plan ahead even when you are not sure if it will happen in the future. Saves you the hassle of migrating stuff...

During installing there are some differences compared to installing on a simple VM, so here's a guide.

So I recently bought a Mikrotik RB5009 router to replace the router provided by my provider. They always are far too limited and can't handle large amounts of traffic very well without bottlenecking. 
I've discovered the fun thing about Mikrotik routers is that it doesn't come with much configuration at all unlike routers from Fortigate for example. 

Applies to: Ubuntu Version: 20.04

When you have a mixed Windows/Linux domain it might be usefull to have your machines be able to authenticate with a single point of authentication, like an Active Directory.
It saves everyone the trouble of remembering another set of credentials.

I've done this with Ubuntu version 20.04, but it should work on some older versions and later versions. No guarantees.

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