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I feel like GPU passthrough is much easier done on other hypervisors like ESXi but alas... I can't be bothered to migrate my entire environment to ESXi.
I put some time and effort in trying to figure out how this is done, i'm running Hyper-V Server Core 2016 and the RemoteFX option isn't enabled or can be enabled at all.
Something about Microsoft and security leaks. But thank god it's still possible to configure GPU passthrough to your Hyper-V VM's!

By default on a fresh new installation you will get an error when trying to move VM's between two Hyper-V hosts.
Something in de line of "no credentials are available in the security package Hyper-V"
If I remember correctly, this has to do with Microsoft changing the way the servers communicate to make it more secure. Sadly Microsoft doesn't automatically configure this for you even in the 2019 version of Hyper-V.

So you bought a Dell T140 and find you have no space for drives for your operating system. Then you find out about the Dell BOSS cards and you came here to find out if it works with your Dell T140. 
Next you want to know what drives does it support. Keep on reading on to find out!

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