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When you need to access data that's in a different entity because it's in a lookup field for example, you could use Business Rules but to a certain extend. But what if you want or NEED to use javascript?
This is where the API for CRM Dynamics 365 comes in handy! You can write the code all by yourself using XMLHttprequest, but if you are like me not being a dedicated coder you tend to forget how to do it because you haven't done it in a long time.

Sometimes it's extremely usefull to get a list of all applied NTFS rights on a drive or folder that is being used for sharing data within your company.
Especially when you are doing a migration and you need to identify who has access to what without going through every single folder by hand. Unless you have an intern and want to keep him busy for a couple of months, then go right ahead.
If not, then read on and let me tell you about this neat Powershell command...

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