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I use PowerBI primarly with CRM Dynamics 365. I just like the multitude of options it gives you in creating reports and graphs for users compared to the out of the box functionality in CRM Dynamics.
There's even a build in integration with it, so it's like Microsoft is practically begging me to use it.

I make a lot of reports that contain weeknumbers, like for example the amount of activities completed for each week. However PowerBI doesn't care where you are from, by default it applies the US definition of how weeknumbers are defined.
I'm from the EU, where ISO 8601 is being used and because of this alot of my users report that their activities are in the wrong week.

Ever wanted to start a scheduled task within a powershell script? Well, you sure can!
In my case, our systems have a scheduled task that's run every day after work. However, users requested the ability to do this themselfs instead of shooting the IT department a request and then wait for them to start the task.

The only requirement is that you supply admin credentials inside the script because remotely starting a schedule task requires admin rights.

When I first started using powershell and made them do stuff on a remote computer or when a certain command required to be passed credentials, I, like every beginner, just put the password in plain text in the script.
Over time, I've come to realize this isn't the safest option and especially when your users have to run the script and they just happen to know how to open your script in notepad.

Therefore I've learned to encrypt the passwords and store them in a file where no user should ever be.

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