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To be honest, there isn't much reason to use this. The Microsoft Admin portal if you have access has an simple export button that does the same thing.
I only made this because at the time I didn't have access to the admin portal because it was managed by another department and I needed to see who has a Office license at that moment

I don't know if this is common with other companies, but it is where I work. People leave the company for various reasons, but sometimes they forget to set an Out of Office.
I don't keep track of this, but their teamlead/manager does and I get asked the question: "Can you check if Jane/Joe has his Out of Office set that he's no longer working here?" 

Lazy as I am and don't want to login into the Exchange ECP portal everytime, I developed my own tool so I can quickly check this and change the message and timeframe when needed. 

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