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Modifying Vikings: Wolves of Midgar save games

Vikings: Volves of Midgar is a "diablo-esque" game, it just has little variety when it comes to character skill trees. Could be boring, could be fun. It's all personal taste.
It's a ok game in my opinion, the game is more fun if you have a friend to play this game with. It has online Coop!

The game does expect you to farm resources to you can upgrade your armor, rune, altar and weaponsmiths so you can go the the next tier.
For anyone that just can't be bothered to farm but wants to continue with the story, you can edit the save files to level up or adjust your resource values you currently own.

To edit the save games, you will only need Notepad.

  1.  First you need to locate your savefile directory, in most cases you can find this in C:\Users\%username%AppData\LocalLow\Games Farm s_r_o_\Vikings_ Wolves of Midgard\saves in most cases
  2.  You will find a whole bunch of save games in this folder, the game is nice enough to keep backup copies of your progress in case something gets corrupted.
     What you need is save game with the most recent modified date, it should look something like
  3.  Rightclick on the save file > Open with > select notepad from the available apps
     I personally use Notepad++, if you also have that then right click on the save file > Open with Notepad++
  4.  The devs put eveything in a single line, which makes it a bit hard to read. Use CTRL-F and look for the values listed below to adjust the save file to your liking:
    • bloodStor = Basically your total experience (I don't have the exact value's that corresponds to the levels, but having over 1000000 blood equals level 25-26 i believe, you can set this to 99999999 if you want)
    • steelStor = Steel storage
    • goldStor = You need this to buy things right?
    • ironStor  = Iron Storage
    • jotunjarnStor = Joturnjarn storage
     The game also does not provide any means to reset your talents, on one hand the talent system is so liniear it's hard not choose a wrong talent. None of the specializations bonusses stack.
     If you get +100 HP with Thor, you lose that +100 HP when you switch over to Loki for example.
     In case you do make an error or you want to respec all together for a jolly good 'ol time, then look for Gifts in the file.
     Unlocked skills are in this format: {"Slot":"Thor","slotChild":"Skill_rage"}
    If you have multiple levels of a skill unlocked, you will see the same line multiple times. Remove one of them to regain a talent point or any other line. Just don't remove the default unlocked ones.
     The game doesn't exactly give cooldown abilities a proper name in the file, they are all named Skill_1, Skill_2, etc. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out by looking at the talent tree which number is which so you can unlock or rearrange your talents.
     To make it easier on yourself if you are only interessted in respeccing, remove the talents you don't need so you get the points back and go back in game to redistribute them instead of modifying the save file.

There are alot more value's to edit, but I never really put the effort in figuring out for how edit your inventory for example.
I havn't tested this but logic would dictate that you can edit the difficultyStor and hardcoreModStor value's when you reach the final boss and get your achievements easily for those 2 modes. Feel free to try!