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Editing Synthetik Save Game Files

Today, I have a single question
Do you enjoy violence?
Of course you do. It's.... a part of you
And who are you, to deny your own nature.
So come with me and let me show you some real ULTRA VIOLENCE
And let's dehumanize ourselfs.... together
- Ssethtzeentach

Great game, only reason I started playing this is because of our great african warlord.
But did you know you can easily edit the save file of the game? To for example increase the amount of credits you have so you don't have to farm for it just to do Tactical/Hyper Adrenaline/Madness runs!

With these simple steps, you can edit the save file too!
There are limits however, for example: The game credit limit is set at 1000. If you make this 9999 in the file, the game will yell at you for cheating and reset it back to 0.

  1. Find the save file here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Synthetik
  2. Open the save.sav file with notepad or notepad++ whichever you prefer
  3. To edit the credits, find the value currency and change this to 1000.000000
  4. Start up the game and you'll find yourself with exactly 1000 credits!

But can you edit more? Well, you can! If you dislike farming levels for each class, you can level them all up the same way by editing.
Personally i wouldn't recommend this is you actually like the game, it's more fun to level up each class and getting to know them. It's not like it takes decades to level them up anyway...

To do this, you have to take note of the following things:

  1. The game doesn't name the classes in the save file, it uses numbers like 41, 10, 31.
    For me, the easiest way to figure out what is what is by booting the game, take note of the EXP for each class (you have to at least play a class once, 0 is a way too common value) and search the save file for that exact value
  2. The experience required to go from lv 1 to 25 is about 2500000, if you are already level 10 with 75000 for example. You need to substract that from the total to get a new total EXP to get to lv25 precisely.

To edit:

  1. In the save file look for the follwing value: subclassexprience(number of class) for example subclassexperience41
  2. Edit the numbers before the dot, Experience values are listed as 109230.001912 for example, just change that to 2500000.001912 for example
  3. Save your file and boot up the game
    And get ready to be annoyed by constant reminders for each level you gained...