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First of, i'm not condoning full on piracy by posting this. I just have a strong hatred towards developers that publish DLC that have no added value like currency or costumes.
Dead or Alive is one of the series that is known to do this. Believe it or not, I'll gladly pay for any DLC if it's worth it. Some companies are just worth it.

Vikings: Volves of Midgar is a "diablo-esque" game, it just has little variety when it comes to character skill trees. Could be boring, could be fun. It's all personal taste.
It's a ok game in my opinion, the game is more fun if you have a friend to play this game with. It has online Coop!

The game does expect you to farm resources to you can upgrade your armor, rune, altar and weaponsmiths so you can go the the next tier.
For anyone that just can't be bothered to farm but wants to continue with the story, you can edit the save files to level up or adjust your resource values you currently own.

Remember the good old days where you had to use a trainer to get infinite money, level up etc?
Well now you can do it yourself !

First and foremost. I don't fully condone cheating by writing this. Even though this method works for some online game that have bad protection. It's not fun to ruin the experience of other players. Not even to make a point.
There are enough sad asshats online that cheating is the way to win in life...

I'm writing this because with over 300+ games in my library, i've come across quite a few badly designed games that lock everything behind a leveling system that have extra benefit to the player exept artificially extend your play time.
And sometimes I love messing with my friends playing online, we but all love messing with our friends whether it's online or offline.

Today, I have a single question
Do you enjoy violence?
Of course you do. It's.... a part of you
And who are you, to deny your own nature.
So come with me and let me show you some real ULTRA VIOLENCE
And let's dehumanize ourselfs.... together
- Ssethtzeentach

Great game, only reason I started playing this is because of our great african warlord.
But did you know you can easily edit the save file of the game? To for example increase the amount of credits you have so you don't have to farm for it just to do Tactical/Hyper Adrenaline/Madness runs!

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