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I'm a firm believer of keeping all your stuff as centralized as possible. One portal to manage all your things instead of having a huge amount of apps and web portal links to manage everything.
Because I'm too lazy to do chores, I've been looking  for robot vacuums that integrate with Domoticz well. I've started with LG Hombots, i found they were cheaper compared to Roomba's back then.
And let me tell you... LG Hombots SUCK. To make a long story short, the WiFI hack works, but the interface for it crashes everyday and Domoticz won't be able to send commands when that happens forcing you to reboot the vacuum every single day.
And this is how I ended up with the better solution: Roomba, money well spent!

Recently i've bought myself some Fibaro Heat Controllers to control my radiators based on the temperature for each section in the house, all automated.
Sadly after buying my second one, I found out Fibaro rolled out firmware version 4.7 and this was not compatible with latest (2020.2) version of Domoticz.

The moment you try to add them, it shows up in Domoticz as a Unknown device and you can't control anything nor do values report back.
This is what happens when Domoticz isn't able to find a xml config file for your device. Either the device is:

  1. Brand new product that's just been released
  2. Firmware for the product has been changed in such a way the config files don't recognize it anymore

In my case it was the second one. Older firmware reported the ID of 1000, the 4.7 firmware reports 1001.

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