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The moment you decide to update and it all goes wrong, you have to do a fresh install of domoticz and restore your backup into it. However once a new version is out, Domoticz doesn't give you a way to download the previous version. You have to compile it yourself which is to me extremely annoying and time consuming.

This is why I decided to archive the older versions just in case.

I have this simple use case many other people probally have too. I wanted to change/dim the lights in the living room based on the fact if the tv is on and what i'm watching. 
I found out that people had made libraries to control and get the status of your LG TV using python. This of course makes it super easy to integrate this with your domoticz system.

I'm aware there is a plugin for Domoticz, but I don't need over half the features it has.

I've been looking for a while for the best way to backup my Domoticz instance that's running on a Raspberry Pi.
I want to be able to restore it with minimal downtime should the device or the software fail.

Domoticz own Backup function works, but it only backs up it's own database, not the scripts that you made.
I've looked at various ways of imaging the SD card without pulling it out (that's just prone to forgetting) but nothing that really works without installing a complete backup solution for one machine. That's just overkill for me.

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